“Learn with Love”

Every dog is as unique as the family that they become a part of.

About Us

At Finn’s Friendly Dog Training, our training methods are incentive-based. This means that we guide your dog toward the best behaviors rather than punish him or her for making mistakes.

What We Offer


This “Meet & Greet” is all about getting to know you and your dog! No training is involved at the evaluation. Here, we assess your needs and charter the best course for your family.

Private Lessons

We offer private, in-home lessons. Training from the comfort of your own home ensures the most relaxed environment for you and your dog.

Virtual Lessons

We are pleased to offer lessons virtually through FaceTime and Zoom to assist you with your ongoing dog training needs.

Therapy Dog Training

Do you see a “Therapy Dog” in your pal’s future? After confirming that your dog is right for therapy work, we can then start your exciting journey to help him bring comfort to others.

Service Dog Training

Service Dog Training is a serious but rewarding commitment for both dog and owner. Following a thorough evaluation, we can assist you through this mutually-beneficial process.

Training for Anxious Dogs

Anxious canines need not fret; we can see their potential! We have the training experience & compassion to work with your anxious dog to overcome his fears and help him become his best self!

“A trainer who truly cares about you, your dog, and teaches you how to work with your dog.”
– Jamie S.