Our Approach

Here at Finn’s Friendly Dog Training, we live by the following beliefs:
  • A good trainer is always improving him or herself by keeping up with new techniques. and tools into their program in order to provide the best results.
  • A good trainer will always be trustworthy and dependable.
  • A good trainer will help to educate handlers to be the best they can be without imposing any guilt.
  • A good trainer will not sacrifice the health and safety of a dog to produce results.

We cherish dogs for the highly intelligent and emotional animals they are by treating them with the respect that they deserve. As such, our training methods are incentive-based. This means that we guide your dog toward the best behaviors rather than punish him or her for making mistakes. Positive reinforcement instills confidence and trust, all of which is paramount for a fruitful dynamic between owner and dog. Training and behavior modification can be accomplished while keeping this trust intact. We work with your family to guide your dog toward making the appropriate choices, rather than forcing behaviors upon your furry family member. By working together as a team, both handler and dog will build confidence in one another as well as within themselves.

"It is about the quality of time you spend with your dog, not the quantity."
– Megan