What To Expect

Here’s an idea of what to expect when you work with Finn’s Friendly Dog Training:

Finn’s Friendly Dog Training would like to thank you for checking out our site! If you’re pawing through this section, we’re guessing that you have a fur baby in need of some behavioral fine tuning—or a complete overhaul. There’s no shame in that.

Whatever the issue, if you’re in the Monmouth County area, we’d love to partner with you to transform your lovable pup into the well-trained gentleman or lady he or she was born to be! We will get to the root cause of the pesky or bewildering behavior, which will make for an all-around happier household that functions more smoothly.

  • Contact us at (732)-440-9249 or via our convenient Contact Form.
  • Megan will reply to your inquiry within two business days to learn more about the issue, discuss your goals, etc.
  • If you are ready to proceed, a consultation appointment is scheduled to take place at your home (or place of choice).
  • At the consultation, Megan meets your dog and family, learns your dog’s background and hears about your lifestyle. She then observes the dog’s environment, routine, and considers other sources that may be possible triggers for the unwanted behavior and comes up with a plan.
  • Megan drafts a contract/proposal for your custom training package plan and it is signed by both parties.
  • Megan sets up recurring appointments with the household to address the concerning behavior(s) through exercises, games, and various reward-based techniques. 

Please note that there is no exact formula or timeline on correcting given behaviors, as each dog and family is unique. Finn’s Friendly Dog Training views learning as an ongoing dynamic between dog and family, and some folks advance more quickly than others. Patience and compassion is Key.

We also feel that training is most beneficial when all of-age animal caretakers in the family are involved in this learning process.

For example, if your dog’s issue is leash anxiety, it’s important that he or she learns how to respect and respond to all members of the family, provided that they are mature enough to share this responsibility.

  • Megan will observe the household’s routines and troubleshoot areas which may be possible triggers that turn “walk time” as a stressful time for your dog. She will come up with games and exercises to help your pal (or family members) get past this fear. The goal is to inspire your dog to be eager to get “suited up” for a walk, and then walks in an assertive manner with few distractions and no pulling! Achieving that perfect “J” shape in the leash is possible!
  • As your dog achieves the goals that have been set out, you may choose to reduce your sessions to occasional check-ins either in person or via FaceTime or Zoom, and conclude as you see fit.

Show off that superstar and enjoy!

"There is not such thing as a bad dog, only bad situations."
– Megan