Our Philosophy

Our philosophy at Finn’s Friendly Dog Training is very simple. We love dogs. Big, Small, Short, Tall, Sleek, Scruffy, Energetic, Cuddly, and everything in between. And we recognize the dynamic between each dog and his or her family is a unique pairing like no other. They have their own schedules, dynamics, energy levels, and communication styles. As such, each family requires a unique approach with individualized training to fit those needs.

There’s no doubt that you love your dog, and you can probably feel those beams of oxytocin (aka “the love drug” hormone) radiating from his or her direction too. It comes from a pat on the head, a special treat, or just spending time with you. But along with those beams of oxytocin, there may be misdirected energy that comes out at times…misdirected energy that reveals itself through torn up pillows, excessive tugging on the leash, or nipping at strangers. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Behavior coaching with Finn’s Friendly Dog Training will allow you to discover just how much of his or her potential can be realized. It’s about so much more than potty training, curbing food aggression, or achieving that perfect amount of slack on the leash. Dogs are known for their endearing eagerness to please, and opening the lines of communication to engage with this process of discovery is such a wonderful thing. You may have a natural couch potato sitting beside you, but you’d be amazed to see how much he or she perks up from constructive interaction, whether it’s with some play from a tug toy, a few tosses of the Frisbee…or even by being asked to “point to” or deliver an item. The look of sheer delight on a dog’s face as he or she is being validated is one of life’s pleasures that simply can’t be beat. And we want to share that joy.

"Dogs give us an endless supply of love and trust so it is only fair that we do the same for them."
– Megan