Our Trainers

 Education & Experience:

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design, University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth
  • Dog Trainer at various companies since 2018
  • Professional Member of International Association of Canine Professionals

Ongoing volunteer work for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life


Megan Montani- Dog Trainer, CGC Evaluator, IACP Professional Member

Megan hails from a family of enthusiastic dog lovers, starting with their first beloved dog “Scooby” who joined the family when Megan was six. Hooked on canine companionship, the family continued with the “Scooby Doo” naming theme and later added Scrappy, Daphne, and Freddie to their brood over the next few years.

Moving away to college is a major period of adjustment and a stressful time for many. After Megan began her studies at UMD, she too began to experience anxiety. Her courses were engaging and fulfilling, but a lot to handle. She missed her dogs from home, specifically that feeling of being able to just relax and connect with a loving canine companion. In terms of emotional support, she recognized that it was hard to beat the loving gaze of a dog at your side. From there, she knew that having a dog would help balance her out and improve her quality of life.

Megan assessed her wishlist, which would be a dog who was friendly, affectionate, got along with others, and also easy to train. After lots of research Megan was able to find Finn and his litter. Excitedly, she made a visit, to experience the puppies’ temperments firsthand. One spunky little guy with bright eyes and white “socks” caught her eye. She also liked his distinctive straight, bristly coat which set him apart from the other puppies who had curly locks. Happily, she took him home and named him Finn Xavier. With gentle training, he proved to be a wonderful companion throughout her college years and beyond. He was in fact, exactly what the doctor ordered. It was his playful, easygoing, and loving personality that became the inspiration for her to work with dogs for a living.

After completing her degree, Megan moved on to work with various organizations, successfully training approximately 800 dogs in individual and group settings.

Now, with over 18 years of dog ownership and training experience, she has decided to “embark” on a new endeavor: Finn’s Friendly Dog Training. She works with dogs of all ages, sizes, and personalities; but her specialties are high-anxiety dogs, service dogs, and therapy dogs. In her heart, she feels that if she can improve the relationship between a dog and their family, then she is making the world a better place. Highly devoted to the pet parents and dogs that she works with, she tirelessly strives to help each dog transition into becoming a positive addition to their family. Her demeanor represents balance:  calm yet energetic, constructive yet approachable, youthful yet experienced—ideal qualities in a dog trainer.

Here she is pictured with her dog, Finn Xavier, who is her inspiration for every person and pet that she works with!

Special Achievements:

  • Favorite Comment: Giving hugs
  • Off-leash trained since I was three months old
  • Earned Second Place in “Cutest Pet” contest at UMD in 2020 (I was robbed, don’t you think?)

Finn Xavier - Service Dog & Pack Socializer

Hey guys, I’m Finn! I’m what my dog mom calls a “Pack Socializer” here at Finn’s Friendly Dog Training which was naturally named after me! I’m a well-balanced poodle mix who enjoys companionship and teaching other dogs how to play and socialize. Is your fur kid anxious? No worries, I have a real calming demeanor which sets the stage for putting other dogs at ease as I gently guide them on how to behave.

My mom got me back when she was in college, and I’m pleased to say it was love at first sight (for both of us)! She got the pick of the litter but her eyes went right to me. She liked my fun-loving personality and was pretty taken by my distinctive straight coat and white “socks” which set me apart from the other doodles.

I was such a comfort to my mom from the moment she brought me home. One day she placed a bow tie on me, and to her delight, I absolutely loved it. In fact, I feel a little naked without one and have been known to give her a gentle nudge to put it back on!

It’s a little embarrassing, but I wasn’t always the perfect gentleman. I used to struggle a little with separation anxiety and we didn’t exactly see eye to eye on the whole “Potty Training” situation. But she worked with me to curb my bad habits and become the wonderful and empathetic gentleman you see today! I aim to share the love and pass my dog knowledge to others!

When I’m not working, I enjoy napping, snuggling, hiking, playing with my duck toy, and even modeling new bow ties. My favorite treats are Pure Bites Beef Liver or True Chews Prime Rib Treats, if anyone has any leads on them (wink wink).

"Respect is a two way street."
– Unknown