*Note: Balanced Dog Training refers to any approach to dog training or behavior modification which involves the use of both reward based techniques, and consequences.

We are located in the Red Bank, NJ and serve within a 25 mile radius. If you are outside this range, we can meet from a public space such as a local dog park that is within this distance.

We are human (and pups) too! We understand that life happens and sometimes you have to cancel. We do not charge a cancellation fee. We only ask that you let us know as soon as possible. If we arrive for a lesson and you cancel without notice then we will have no choice to but to claim it as a lesson.

Based on your package you have a certain amount of time to complete your lessons. If they are not completed in that time then the rest of the lessons are null and void. Please see the pricing page to see the time allotted for each package.

At Finn’s Friendly Dog Training, we kick things off with an evaluation appointment, discussing your household, the behaviors that are occurring with your dog, and how you would like them to be changed. After discovering your pet parenting goals, our trainers will summon our years of experience to suggest the best game plan for you. Each dog and family is as unique as a paw print, so we are able to personalize the timeline to fit the needs of everyone involved.

At Finn’s Friendly Dog Training, we subscribe to the Balanced Dog Trainers approach to dog training which involves the use of both reward-based techniques and light corrections to redirect the pesky behaviors. We believe that in order to build mutual respect between dogs and their pet parents, we need to establish reasonable boundaries. We subscribe to using the least intrusive and minimally aversive techniques otherwise known as LIMA. We believe in resourcing alternate methods in case any one type of training is not revealing improvement. Just like with human parents & children, pet parents & dogs don’t all learn the same way!

As a first step, our trainers will schedule an evaluation appointment to get to know you and your dog and discuss strengths and weaknesses, determining what will be best for the dog, the pet parents, and the group as a whole.

Dogs are not machines, but (oh so charming) living beings with their own emotions and reasoning, which is why we love them! And they too have their own learning curves. Due to these variables, no professional trainer could have the foresight to guarantee success with their program on a deadline. It would set both the dog and the pet parent up for expectations that may not be achievable. 

Here at Finn’s Friendly Dog Training, we strive to address behavior rather than oppress it. We view training as a process of ongoing improvement which is dependent on the dog and dog parent. Some advance quickly, while others need more time to adapt. For this reason, we offer packages but can’t guarantee that the behavior will be “fixed” within a specific timeframe. 

We do, however, guarantee that we will do everything we can as trainers to be there for you and to provide a firm foundation of training to set your diamond-in-the-ruff of a dog up for success! And we have a lot of happy clients who would agree! Take a look at our testimonials below!

We sure do. Please see our pricing page.

Yes! We are happy to consult with you to assess & locate a dog suitable to the temperament of your needs.

We use what is called “Marking Behavior” which is very similar, except rather than using a clicker, we speak to the dog using a specific phrase or sound. When the “mark” comes from the person rather than an object, we find that the dog learns faster and a bond grows stronger. If your family would prefer to train with a clicker, that is something we can implement as well.

Yes, this would be included with our services at no additional cost to you. Please note we don’t supply the puppy proofing material…we just offer the guidance towards what would be best for your home.

Absolutely! Just like an eager hound gathering information with his nose, we believe in constantly taking in information, learning, and developing our skills. We also believe that pet parents should be an active participant in learning, which makes themselves more present, and overall better owners to their dogs.

For puppies, we like to recommend The Puppy Primer by Patricia Cornwell or Puppy Start Right by Karen Pryor.

Please know that there is no single perfect book for dog behavior, which is why we continue to read and discover as more theories and methods develop. We are actively learning, so when we have additional book suggestions to scout out, we will keep you on the trail.

For your convenience, we accept cash, check, major credit card, or Venmo.

“Reach deeper during training and find a way to connect with your dog from the heart and not a leash and a collar.”
– Zak George