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All paws on deck! Assessing your household, needs, and goals, Finn’s Friendly Dog Training charters the best route for you and your dog. No training is involved in the evaluation; we just get to know you and your dog so that we can come up with the best plan together.


Private Lessons

We offer private, in home lessons, personalized to your needs. We feel that working from the comfort of your own “turf” offers the most familiar, stable environment to allow the progress to continue beyond the lessons themselves. We work on a variety of issues from house training to leash reactivity. Once a foundation is established, private lessons can also be done at parks and off-leash dog areas to work on improving behavioral issues. Private lessons are recommended for once a week. Many dogs really “dig” this option!

$225/One Hour Lesson
$950/Five Lesson Package*
$1,500/Ten Lesson Package**

*Five Lesson Package expires after two months
**Ten Lesson Package expires after three and a half months

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Virtual Lessons

To assist you with your ongoing training needs, we are excited to offer lessons virtually through FaceTime and Zoom! Virtual lessons also include notes from every meeting so that you have a chance to review what you have learned. Gimme five!


Therapy Dog Training

Nothing puts a smile on our face quite like love from a dog! Therapy Dogs are special in their unique skillset to bring ease to those around them. After certifying your dog’s disposition, we begin the enriching training that will allow you to help your community. We then will connect you with our preferred therapy dog organization so you can set out on your journey to bring comfort to the public. What a paws-itively great idea!

Please inquire pricing.

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Service Dog Training

In addition to providing emotional support, a select few dogs have the potential to become Service Dogs. Regardless of specialty, Service dog training is a serious and long term commitment for both the dog and the owner. A thorough evaluation is performed to assess whether your dog has the right temperament & aptitude for service dog needs. We assist owners in training with their service dogs on an ongoing weekly basis. While we have worked in many areas of service training, our main focus is on psychiatric service animals, autistic service animals, and mobility service animals.

Please inquire for pricing.

Training for Anxious Dogs

Just like their human counterparts, dogs can be highly sensitive creatures either due to genetic traits or prior trauma. Training with anxious dogs is a slow process but highly rewarding experience. In order to allow your dog to live his best life, he must overcome his anxiety and fear.  We have the experience, patience, and compassion to get you through this difficult time with your dog. Nothing makes us happier than to see your anxious dog blossom into a confident kid who lives a fulfilling life with you!

Please see Private Lessons for pricing.

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Dog Bundles: Receive 10% off the package price of training a second dog living in the same household.

Dogferrals:  Refer a friend! If your friend purchases a training package, then you (the person who refers) will receive a free lesson! *Maximum of three free lessons

Service Contract

 *A service contract must be signed by all clients prior to engaging in services with Finn’s Friendly Dog Training.

“Your dog is not being a problem, your dog is having a problem.”
– Chad Mackin